How to use the Freestyle Tool

The Freestyle Tool is one of most flexible writing tool in the neuroflash App. Currently, neuroflash offers over 100 different text types that you can choose from. With the help of these text types, you can generate a number of specific texts like Blog Posts or Social Media Posts. However, the Freestyle Tool allows you to generate any other type of text you can think of, beyond the text types that neuroflash offers. You can command the AI on what it has to do, so be as creative as possible and allow your imagination to run free! 

All you need to do is to select Freestyle as your text type, type in what kind of text you want to create, provide some details on what the text should be about and choose what tone you want the text to be in. Then press generate, sit back and let yourself be inspired!

Start your own experiment

The Freestyle Tool provides you with unlimited possibilities on what kind of text to create. You can choose any text type about nay topic from any genre that you can think of. Here is a llist of some examples to get you started:

Headlines Call to Action Lists
catchy headline CTA like list of ideas
clever headline CTA follow list of questions
clickbait headline CTA share list of benefits
Youtube Title CTA read more posts list of topic examples
newspaper headline CTA donation list of tips
list of headlnes CTA subscribe to do list

E-mail  Sales Social Media Posts
e-mail about... sales letter LinkedIn Post
public e-mail sales pitch Twitter Tweet
private e-mail online course Instagram bio
sales e-mail webinar OMR review
work e-mail promotional copy Youtube comment
advertisement e-mail workshop pamphlet Customer review

Marketing Sales Messages Content Marketing
product ideas reasons for buying product blog post titles
slogan headlines for sales page blog post ideas
campaign ideas product description sub topics
product name ideas customer testimonial talking points
product feature ideas product offers FAQ
advertisement ideas bold promise for product tutorial/guide

Hook/Opener Rewrite Content Knowledge
claim 1 sentence summary list of tips and tricks
question summary in bullets educational blog post
(hypo)thesis rewrite for (target group) informative text
persuasive statistic rewrite to sell personal story
expert opinion rewrite to educate ask question
declarative sentence rewrite to expand information answer question

Want to join the fun and generate text types without limits? Sign up for our free neuroflash App!

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