How to evaluate and optimize the new generated copy

1. Convey Positive Sentiments

To write a good copy, we advise you to use positive language and easily understandable words.

Readers do not like encounters with complex words because it interrupts their reading flow and also makes them feel unintelligent and frustrated if they don't understand the terms in the text. This could cause negative feelings to bubble up in the reader and lead to a bad first impression. As a good alternative, you should use words that are easy to understand by most people.

Additionally, using negative words only spreads negative emotions, which many readers will then associate with your business, service or product. This is the opposite of what you should aim for, so instead, use happy words that make people feel good. The positive feeling will then be connected to your company, service and product.

How to make sure that your texts consists of positive language and easily understandable words? Use the neuroflash AI Tester, which you can find on the sidebar of your App or in the home menu. 

When you analyze a text with the AI Tester, make sure to go to goal setting for further optimization:

Choose "Easy" for complexity and "Happy" for sentiment:

Tip: You can choose up to three sentiment at a time. This way you can make that your text conveys all sentiments that you deem important. 

2. Convey Implicit Messages

Some businesses want to go beyond just sending out a positive message. They also want to invoke certain emotions in their customers, like trust. If you are an e-commerce business, you would want to give your customers a feeling of safety. When choosing your goal, you can type in "trust" to send an implicit message and to make sure that your text makes your readers feel protected and safe. You can also use this implicit message to show what kind of vibe your brand embodies. For example, are you working on a summer campaign for your new fashion collection? Type in the word "summer" as an implicit message and your copy will make your readers feel the summer vibe.

When you analyze a text with the AI Tester, make sure to go to goal setting and type in what implicit messages you want your text to include:

3. Convey Your Brand Values in Your Message

Of course, you can convey other messages besides safety, reliability and trust with your copy. For example, you can also create a copy that specifically aligns with your brand values. Ask yourself what message your brand wants to bring across. If you are a responsible and sustainable company that wants to advertise those values to the reader in their copy, then you should type those features into the "keyword" field. Our AI will then analyze the generated copy based on your brand values.

4. Convey Clear Context with Your Message

You can also use our tool to convey a clear context with your message. What do you want to say with your message? What point is important for you to bring across? Summarize your thoughts in keywords and add them to the implicit message. For example: If you want your customers to use your search bar on your website more often, you should type the keywords "website," "search " and "find" into the implicit message section, because these are the keywords that your message (here: your CTA) should contain.

5. Optimize Your Copy for Different Personality Types

Do you want to use the same copy for different target audiences with different personality types? This is also not a problem at all. You can always change your goal. For example, your advertising copy for food should depend on what kind of personality you are talking to. Is it a group that cares a lot for their health? Then it would be important to bring across a health related message. Is it a group that loves to enjoy food? Then it would be important to bring across a delightful message,

In the "Brand Values and Persona" field you can choose which archetype your message should address:

Finally, after selecting your goals, the AI Tester will help you evaluate and optimize your copy through its rating as explained in the article "Learn the App Basics". 

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