I have an account for myself, can I share it with my friends?

No, our accounts are user based. You are not allowed to share your account. Accounts cannot be used my more than user/device at the same time.

What happens if a second device/user tries to log in to my account?

Firstly, it is important for you to know that only users might have access to your account with whom you have shared your login credentials.

If someone else tries to log in with your credentials while you are active in the neuroflash application, that second person will receive an error message and will not be able to log in. Being active means that you have interacted with the application within the last five minutes. If you are not active (no request within the last five minutes) while someone else tries to log in with your credentials, you will be logged off and the second user/device will get access to the account.

If you wish to access the same account with more users, e.g. for text document sharing, please send an e-mail to magicpen@neuro-flash.com. 

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