Professional writing with the LanguageTool integration

📝 Use cases: You can use LanguageTool for all your texts to check them for spelling and grammar. 

How can I use LanguageTool with neuroflash?

LanguageTool is a software for checking spelling, grammar and style errors in texts in different languages. Most people probably know the tool as Google Chrome Extension. But now LanguageTool is also firmly anchored in the neuroflash text documents. 
All Free and Basic users can use the Basic version of LanguageTool (simple grammar, spelling and punctuation check, only up to 10,000 characters per text field) at no additional cost.
All Power and Premium users benefit from the Premium version of LanguageTool (advanced grammar, spelling & punctuation check, up to 150,000 characters per text field, suggestions for better writing style) at no additional cost.  
No matter if you use generated AI text or independently inserted text - with the LanguageTool function you can immediately see if small grammar mistakes or unattractive phrasing have crept in. 

Using LanguageTool at neuroflash step by step

Step 1: Activate LanguageTool 

If you want to create a new document in the AI Writer app, you will first be asked for the language selection. Below the language selection you will find a checkbox. If you check the box, you activate the LanguageTool function in the new document. If you don't check it, the function remains deactivated. LanguageTool is included in neuroflash in German, English, Spanish and French.

Step 2: Use LanguageTool analysis in the text

If you now add text to the new document, LanguageTool will automatically mark all suggestions for improvement directly in the text. The different colors with which the words are underlined have different meanings:
  • Words marked in red: Indication of incorrect spelling. By clicking on the highlighted word, the correct spelling is displayed and can be selected to replace the misspelled word.
  • Yellow marked words: indication of incorrect grammar. By clicking on the marked word, the correct grammar (e.g. comma placement) is pointed out. Clicking on the suggestion improves the selected place in the text.
  • Blue marked words: suggestion for improvement of the text style. Here, for example, recommended abbreviations, synonyms or alternative plurals are suggested, which can be selected with a click.

Step 3: Implement suggestions 

To insert the LanguageTool suggestions in your text, you just have to click on the underlined words or text passages. The first click will show you the different suggestions. With a second click you can select the appropriate suggestion, and it will be inserted directly into the text, replacing the error.

In this video we show you step by step how to use LanguageTool for your neuroflash texts:

🎉 With the help of LanguageTool integration you can be sure that your texts are completely error-free and written in a high quality style. Correcting texts has never been so easy!

To get a direct insight into the neuroflash app, check out our product tour! There you will learn everything about the app interface and more.

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