Always hit the right tone in the text with neuroflash

📝 Use cases: You can use our different tonalities for any texts. 

How can I add the right tone to my text with neuroflash? 

neuroflash offers various tonalities that you can use for your texts so that your specific brand voice comes to the fore and is reflected in the text. This way you can make your texts even more individual and stand out from the competition.

Using tonalities step by step

Step 1: Generate texts with selected tonality 

You can find the different tonalities on the right side of the AI Writer under " Advanced settings". You can select a total of 2 tonalities for your text. Multiple tonalities would create a confusing writing style in the text. So choose tonalities that best reflect your brand, text or product.
As soon as you have chosen your tonalities, they will be automatically incorporated into the generated text.
Here's a quick overview of what the different tonalities mean: 
  • Positive: A positive writing style is one that expresses a positive and optimistic attitude. It uses words and phrases that convey joy, hope, and enthusiasm. Such a writing style can motivate or inspire readers as well as increase confidence in the author. 
  • Excited: An excited writing style is one characterized by high emotional intensity and passion. It can manifest itself in a rapid succession of sentences or an overuse of exclamation points, and often leads the reader to feel that the author is writing with great enthusiasm or excitement about the topic. Such a writing style depends on whether it is used appropriately and fits the content of the text. 
  • Powerful: A powerful writing style is characterized by clear, concise, and convincing expression. It gives the reader a sense of authority and confidence by using strong verbs and omitting unnecessary words or phrases. Such a style can help hold the reader's attention and get them excited about the topic.
  • Funny: A funny writing style is one that is humorous and entertaining. It may contain puns, irony, or sarcasm to make the reader laugh. However, a good witty writing style is also subtle and not too over the top so as not to lose the message of the text. 
  • Encouraging: an encouraging writing style is one that motivates and inspires the reader. It uses positive words and phrases to boost the reader's confidence and give them encouragement. An encouraging writing style can also help reduce fears or doubts and help the reader achieve their goals.
  • Polite: A polite writing style is characterized by respectful and friendly expression. It does not use derogatory or insulting words, but tries to address the reader with appropriate phrases. The use of polite phrases such as "please" and "thank you" also contributes to a polite writing style. 
  • Gentle: A gentle writing style is characterized by pleasant and harmonious language. It is characterized by a calm, empathetic, and sensitive manner of expression. Such a style can help keep the reader relaxed and engaged in the story or text.
  • Urgent: An urgent writing style is one that prompts the reader to act or make a decision quickly. It can be achieved through short sentences and concise phrasing and often conveys a sense of urgency or importance. Such a writing style is often used in advertising and marketing copy. 
  • Calm: A calm writing style is characterized by clear and simple language that does not overwhelm or confuse the reader. It is free of unnecessary words or complicated sentence structures and conveys the topic in a pleasant way. A calm writing style can also convey emotion without being overly dramatic or intrusive. 
  • Formal: A formal writing style is one that is typically used for professional purposes. It is characterized by clear and concise language that is free of colloquialisms and slang. Additionally, the reader is addressed using the polite form "you". Overall, a formal writing style should give a serious impression and make the reader feel that the author is competent and knowledgeable in his or her field. 
  • Casual: A casual writing style is a relaxed and easy-going style that often uses colloquial expressions and informal language, as well as addressing the reader as "you." It can be humorous or simply easy to understand. Such a writing style is often used in blogs, social media or personal messages.

Step 2: Rewrite texts with selected tonality

If you want to change your generated text again or rewrite an existing text, this is also possible. To do this, select the text or part of the text that you want to rewrite and click on " rewrite". There you can select your desired tonality again.

Alternatively, you can also select the text type "Tone Rewriter" on the right in the AI Writer and insert the text you want to rewrite there. After that, several rewritten suggestions will be generated for you.

In this video we explain again how you can use neuroflash tonalities for your texts step by step:

🎉  With the help of neuroflash tonalities, you can be sure that your text always hits the right note. So you can not only give your texts an individualized voice, but also express your brand identity in your writing style!

To get a direct insight into the neuroflash app, check out our product tour! There you will learn everything about the app interface and more.

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