High quality in different languages

📝 Use cases: Writing and editing texts in different languages.

In which languages can neuroflash be used? 

neuroflash can generate texts in seven languages, namely German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Spanish. Regional subcategories of some languages are also included such as German (Switzerland), German (Austria), English (UK), English (USA), etc.

How to select the desired language setting step by step

Step 1: Select language 

If you want to open a new text document in AI Writer, the first thing that opens automatically is the language selection. Here you can choose in which language texts should be generated. Note that neuroflash only generates high-quality results if the input language matches the selected language of the text document. That is, if you communicate with the AI in German, but the language of the document is English, then the AI cannot generate good results.

Step 2: Change language

If you want to use your document in a different language or generate some results in different languages in the same document, you can change the language setting of the document afterwards. To do this, click on the cogwheel in the lower right corner of the AI Writer. This opens the language selection again and you can change the language.

Step 3: Detect document language

The language of your saved documents in the app is marked. You can recognize the language by the flag under the document title.

Step 4: Change app language

Besides the language for the texts generated by the AI, you can also change the operating language of the app. However, this is only available in English or German. To change the app language, click on your account in the app below.

A window will open where you can change the language setting between English and German.

🎉 With the language settings you can use neuroflash in different languages and generate high quality results in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Polish.

To get a direct insight into the neuroflash app, check out our product tour! There you will learn everything about the app interface and more.

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