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📝 At neuroflash you can not pay on account. Currently, only the payment options credit card and SEPA direct debit are supported by us. However, for larger volumes, long terms or large customers, case-by-case decisions are possible. 

How do I receive an offer?  

To receive an offer, we first need some basic data from you. Write us a message with the following information about you:
  • Your name, first name
  • Name of the company
  • How many accounts do you need? 
  • Which tariff is interesting for you?
After checking, you will receive an offer for the corresponding tariff. This can then be "ordered". As soon as neuroflash has issued an invoice and received payment, we will activate your accounts manually.

Simply write an e-mail to our support team at: 📧 

We will contact you immediately to discuss further information.

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