What happens if I exceed my monthly word limit?

📝 neuroflash always strives to make the use of the app as easy as possible for customers. This includes a flexible design of the word quotas and the possibility of saving words beyond the tariff months.

My words have run out - How do I get more?

It is not possible to increase your previous word limit in the current plan without upgrading the plan. The only possibility here is to take part in campaigns through neuroflash in which bonus words are distributed - such as our bonus page.

Actually, I didn't generate that much!

If you feel you haven't used as many words as the profile says, please contact our team at magicpen@neuroflash.com

What if my words are empty?

You will not be able to generate more words. To generate more words beyond your limit, you need to upgrade your subscription. Of course, the words you have already generated will not be deleted and you can continue to use your saved documents to edit and format your content.
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