How do I use the chat?

📝 neuroflash sees itself as a constantly evolving tool. With the ChatFlash function, we have recently made it even easier to get in touch with our magic pen - similar to a chat. 

Where can I find the chat? You can find the chat in the KI Texter. 

Simply enter your request, question, or instruction there and press Enter to complete the entry. To add a new line, press Shift+Enter.

Can I also call up the chat in the current document?
You can also use our chat in the running document. For this purpose, there is a button in the right toolbar that leads to the chat.

Is there a chat history?
Our chat saves your input and the output. Attention: When you change the personality, the history resets. The history is not reset by closing the document!

Which languages does the chat support? 

In which languages can I chat?
The following languages are supported by the chat:
If my document is in one language, can the chat be in another language?

In a document that has already been created, it is not possible to adjust the language of the chat separately. However, the magic feather will usually answer you in the language in which you address him.

How do templates work with ChatFlash?

Where can I find the templates?

The templates can be found above the chat window – as shown in the picture below. To get to this window, you need to create a document or make an initial entry.

Which templates are available?
The following templates are currently inserted and selectable. We are constantly developing our offer in this regard. If you have any ideas or suggestions about what can be added, please email us to 

What are personalities?

Personalities are the starting points towards the field of application in which you move as a user in order to get even more appropriate and targeted results. The output generated by ChatFlash is closely related to the personality. For example, if you ask: "Who are you?", you will always get different answers from the different personalities. 
You change who you want the magic feather to be and in return it puts itself in that position from which the result is optimal.
A personality defines the following:
— Tone of the conversation
— Role (function)
— Context of the expected answer
— Personality, bran

Where can I find personalities?
Personalities are placed above the chat window and can be selected there. By default, our magic feather is the selected personality.

How do I add new ones?
By default, our magic feather is the selected personality. Other selectable personalities are: 

We offer the possibility to add your own personalities. This works as follows: 
  1. Click on "Personalities"
  2. Now click on "Manage personalities".

  3. Now select "Create a personality".

  4. Now you can create your personality. Be sure to describe it as accurately as possible. The more specific and informative the input at this point, the more accurate the output of the magic pen/your personality will be.

Who can use Chatflash?

From which tariff is the chat available?
The chat is available to users in every tariff. ChatFlash can already be used with the free version. However, please note the word limit.

Does the chat cost extra?
The chat costs nothing extra and is included in the current tariffs.

How does ChatFlash differ from ChatGPT?

What can ChatFlash do more than ChatGPT?
ChatFlash differs from ChatGPT in many ways. Starting with its versatility within our content suite, ChatFlash offers the possibility to insert generated output directly into the started text document and thus combine it with other text types and templates. This creates a flexible usability, almost without limits.

Personalities make it possible to direct and influence the output of the magic pen in a targeted manner. Likewise, neuroflash offers already optimised prompts with templates, which are adapted to the most diverse applications and can be used freely. 
Furthermore, ChatFlash has the same advantages as the other applications of the app.

Why should I use ChatFlash?
ChatFlash as part of the neuroflash content suite offers the above-mentioned advantages with identical basic services. We implement our own tools and optimisations in the scope of services and thus extend the application area of ChatFlash beyond that of known other applications. 

Use cases for personalities.

I have a corporate identity.
A corporate identity requires communication that is always adapted to that identity. In order to be flexible here, you can define a respective personality for the identities. One click, change the personality and you can work in the desired wording. Here is an example: 
"Input: My product is a sneaker from shoe brand X. The shoe is red. The shoe is red and is priced in the middle class. The values of my brand, which is called X, are: Freedom, Style, Sustainability. The tone of our communication is always very funny."
Each of my clients has their own style of language.
Several clients each have different requirements in terms of wording? That, too, is easy to handle through personalities. Each different language style can be recorded in the description of a personality - then you can switch between the settings. 
My products each have different target groups.
Each target group has its own appeals and interests. A text has to reflect that, of course. Personalities can be used to describe who is to be addressed with the output
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