Improve, refresh and revise text with neuroflash

📝 Use cases: You can revise, refresh and refine any texts (both generated and self-written texts) with neuroflash. This way, your texts will always be up-to-date and of high quality. 

How can I revise my texts with neuroflash?

In addition to manual editing of texts, neuroflash offers various tools that you can use to revise your text. This way you can revise your texts quickly and easily without wasting too much time. Some tools you can use directly in the document, others are available as text types. We will show you which options you have:

Options for revising texts

Option 1: Rewrite text (in the document)

Select the part of your document you want to rewrite. Then select the " Rewrite" tool in the bar. Here you can optionally choose the tone of the rewritten text. You will be given several suggestions for new phrases by the AI, from which you can choose. When you click an option, it will be inserted into the document.

Option 2: Continue text (in the document)

Select the part of your document you want to continue. Then select the " Continue Writing" tool in the bar. Then the selected text will be continued by the AI. This way you can extend your text.

Option 3: Expand text from bullets (in the document)

If you do not have a complete text yet, but only key points and individual ideas, then you can have the AI formulate a complete text from this information. Mark the place in your document that you want to formulate. Then select the " Expand" tool in the bar. The magic feather will then summarize your points in a text.

Option 3: Use additional text types in the AI Writer

You can get an overview of the different text types neuroflash offers within the AI Writer on the right side.

There you will get an insight into the different categories that can help you revise your text. Especially categories like writing tools and rewriting can be useful here. They offer different tools for rewriting and refreshing texts. You can find more about rewriting texts here.

Otherwise, you can find a video here, which shows you the individual options for editing texts with neuroflash again in detail:

🎉 With the help of our versatile tools, you can easily revise, refresh, and rewrite your texts with little effort.

Useful tips

To get a direct insight into the neuroflash app, check out our product tour! There you will learn everything about the app interface and more.

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