Expand bullet points and notes with your magic pen

Writing down bullet points or taking notes is super useful, but sometimes we lack the creativity to combine the bullet points to a coherent text afterwards.

This problem is now history with our "Expand" feature. Just one click and your magic pen smartly combines your notes to one coherent text you can use for many different purposes. Your content creation process just got faster and more efficient!

In this article, we show you how to correctly use the "Expand" feature which is now available toolbar within the text editor.

How to use the "Expand" feature

1. Write down all bullet points or notes that you want to have expanded to a coherent text. It doesn't matter if you write down your keywords separated by commas or as bullet points.

2. Mark all keywords that you want to integrate into your expanded text and click on the "Expand" icon

3. The magic pen expands your text accordingly to the selection of keywords
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