Create/optimize SEO content with AI for better rankings

📝 Use cases: SEO optimized blog articles, SEO optimized website content, SEO optimized product descriptions, SEO optimized meta descriptions, etc.

How can I create/optimize SEO content with neuroflash?

SEO is important because it affects the way search engines find and understand your content. neuroflash offers different text types that allow you to directly create SEO optimized content. In addition, you can use SEO analysis to optimize your texts. The SEO analysis is included in all price plans, but the number of analyses you can use per month differs:
  • SEO Analysis in Free Plan: 1 analysis/month
  • SEO Analysis in Basic Plan: 5 analyses/ month
  • SEO analysis in Power Plan: 100 analyses/ month
  • SEO Analysis in Premium Plan: unlimited analyses

Different options for creating SEO content with neuroflash 

Option 1: SEO blog articles 

An SEO optimized blog is not only good for marketing, but also for company awareness. neuroflash offers a function that allows you to automatically create SEO optimized blog articles. You can find the tool in the AI Writer app. The SEO Blog Post Tool is included in all price plans (Free, Basic, Power, Premium). You can find more information about the feature here.

Option 2: SEO title

In order for your results to rank well and look appealing to potential readers in the search results, a creative and optimized title is extremely important. For individual SEO titles, simply use the neuroflash text type " SEO Headlines". Specify the content (blog content, product description, etc.) and which keywords should appear in the title. The AI will generate several suggestions for you to choose from.

Option 3: SEO meta description

A meta description is important because it is displayed in the search results of a search service. With neuroflash you can create an appealing and SEO-friendly meta description in just one click. Select the text type "SEO meta description" and specify what your content is (blog content, product description, etc.) and which keywords the meta description should contain. The AI will generate several suggestions for you to choose from.

Option 4: SEO product description

Search engine optimization is not only relevant for blog articles, but also for other website content such as product descriptions. Here, too, neuroflash offers a text type "product descriptions". By describing your product and specifying desired keywords, you can create SEO optimized product descriptions in seconds with the help of artificial intelligence.

Analyze and optimize texts with neuroflash SEO step by step 

Step 1: Select and prepare SEO analysis

To analyze a text with the neuroflash SEO analysis, insert it into the text document. Then click on the SEO function in the AI Writer interface on the right and fill in the predefined fields. Specify for which search engine your text should rank and which keyword the text should rank. Then click on "analyse".

Step 2: Check and edit word count and keywords 

For an SEO optimized text, both the length of the text is relevant, as well as specific words that should appear in the text. In the upper part of the SEO analysis you will find out how long your text is compared to your competitors and if you need to add more content. In addition, the WDF*IDF analysis gives you insight into which relevant keywords you should use in your text and how often. The color blue means more usage of the word, purple means less usage of the word and green means perfect usage.

If you click on the individual keywords, they will also be highlighted in your text so that you have a good overview.

Step 3: Get an overview of the competition

In the lower part of the analysis you will find the top 20 results that also rank for your keyword. You can click on the different pages to view them. Additionally, you can add single passages from your competitors' texts to your text, or let the AI rewrite them first and then add them to your text.

You can also find a step-by-step summary of this process in this video:

🎉 Voilà, you can either have SEO optimized texts automatically created by AI in just a few minutes and/or analyze your texts and check their SEO suitability. With the neuroflash SEO tools, you have a higher chance of ranking better with your content in the search results and thus getting more clicks.

To get a direct insight into the neuroflash app, check out our product tour! There you will learn everything about the app interface and more.

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