Write high quality blog articles and long texts faster

📝 Use cases: SEO optimized blog articles, editorial articles, advertorials, e-books, SEO optimized website content. 

How can I write blog articles and long texts? 

neuroflash offers a writing tool that allows you to create a complete blog post or other long text types step by step. The tool is very intuitive to use and guides you through each part of the process. Thus, you are able to generate up to 2000 words in just a few seconds. 
You can find the tool in the AI Writer app. The tool is included in all price plans (Free, Basic, Power, Premium).

Writing blog articles and long texts step by step

Step 1: Language selection

Once you have selected the tool in the AI Writer app, the first thing you can do is set the language in which the article will be written.

Step 2: Topic selection

Next, you need to enter the desired topic of your blog article. Here, our tool is able to create content for all topics, there are no limits. If you want your blog post to be SEO optimized, we recommend you to use your target keyword as soon as you enter the topic of your content. For example, if your target keyword is "baking bread," then simply enter that keyword in the "What do you want to write about?" box. The AI will then generate content that contains the desired keyword. Since you can also manually edit the results, it's always possible to make sure that the keyword actually appears in the headlines and text.

Step 3: Headline and outline

Next, the AI generates suggestions for a headline and an outline. You can select a suggestion by clicking on it in the KI Texter window on the right. You can also make changes or add your own ideas manually by simply editing them in the editor on the left. Don't like the suggestions? Then click "Refresh" to get new results. Do you like a suggestion particularly well? Then click on the checkmark to generate more ideas of this kind or click on the heart to save the suggestion in your favorites list.

Step 4: Create text

Finally, you have two options. You can either create only the outline and add the individual paragraphs manually or let the AI write a complete text for you.

Clicking the button "Continue with outline" opens a new document with the selected headline and outline of the article. You can then write content in the editor on the left or continue to use the AI Writer on the right. In the AI Writer different text types can be selected, with which one can create different texts. These can also be inserted into the left editor by clicking on the desired position.

If you select the "Generate full post" option, a new document opens with an article generated completely by the AI. Paragraphs of up to 300 words are automatically generated for each headline, including introduction and conclusion. You can still edit this article.

Step 5: Edit text

Finally, you have the option to edit your text even further. In AI Writer you can get an overview of different text types that you can possibly use for your text (useful categories are e.g. blog articles, book writing, website, writing tools etc.). You can always access the history of generated results and view your saved favorites. If you need inspiration on how to best communicate with the AI, you can look at templates created by other users.

LanguageTool integration shows you possible grammar and spelling mistakes. You can also use AI writing tools within the text. You can have the text or individual sections and sentences continued, formulated or rewritten. To do this, select the desired text and choose any of the writing tools.

Step 6: SEO Analysis

You can perform an SEO analysis of your text by clicking on SEO in AI Writer. Here you only have to enter the keyword you want the text to rank for. neuroflash then creates an analysis of the word count and shows you which words you should use more or less in the text. In addition, the top 20 search results that also rank for the keyword are displayed. You can find more about SEO content here.

Step 7: Add images

You can add images to the document in two different ways. On the one hand, you can use the images feature in AI Writer. With that feature you can search for royalty-free images and then insert them anywhere in your document with one click.

On the other hand, you can also generate completely new and original images with the neuroflash AI image generator. For this, you just need to briefly describe the type of image you want to create. The description must also be in English. You can then download or copy the image and paste it into your document. More about AI images can be found here.

Step 8: Download the finished document

When the text is ready, you can press the yellow button to download the text as HTML file, or you can copy the link to share the document.

🎉 Voilà, you can write a complete blog article in just a few minutes! You can also find another step by step guide to this process in this video:

Useful tips

To get a direct insight into the neuroflash app, check out our product tour! There you will learn everything about the app interface and more.

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