How to combine text types to generate longer texts

📝 Use cases: Blog articles, editorial articles, advertorials, e-books, books, website content, etc.

How can I write longer texts with neuroflash?

At neuroflash you can find different text types for different purposes. Currently, we offer over 100 different text types - and more are being added all the time. These text types are trained according to the best practices in the industry and are proven to produce high-quality texts. The best thing about the text types and our AI Writer is that you can combine them to write longer texts with AI. We show you how it works!

Combining text types for longer texts step by step

Step 1: Find suitable text types for your purpose 

Click on the " Text types library" on the right side of the AI Writer window and get an overview of the different text types. Depending on what kind of text you want to write, you will find different categories of text types that can help you. For example, do you want to write a book? Then take a look at the category "Writing a book".

Step 2: Generate results with the selected text types and combine them

In the overview of text types you can select for which text type you want to generate results. You can combine the generated results of the different text types as you like. For example, for a book you can use the text types Book Title - Book Outline - Creative Writing. Gradually select the individual text types you want to use, fill in the corresponding fields in the briefing for them, and generate results with the AI.

You can then paste the generated results piece by piece into your empty document by clicking anywhere on the left. You can also save generated suggestions as favorites for later by clicking on the heart below the suggestion. Furthermore, you can view both the saved favorites and the history of generated results at any time to continue using the results.

Step 3: Use other functions to expand your text even further

If you are missing necessary text types in the existing selection, you can also use our Freestyle function. This function allows you to specify a desired text type. Just describe your text type and what the context is about and the AI will generate suitable results.

Alternatively, you can use our command function to communicate with the AI directly in the document. In addition, our text editing tools can help you to continue sentences and text passages or to formulate them.

This video explains again with an example how you can best combine different types of text:

🎉 With our variety of text types and the possibility to combine them, there are no limits to your creativity. You can combine as many text types as you like and generate as many results as you want until you reach the desired text length.

To get a direct insight into the neuroflash app, check out our product tour! There you will learn everything about the app interface and more.

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